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Background & Objective
Since the end of last century, human beings have pursued Sustainable Development/Green Growth to harmonize economic development and environmental protection.

If sustainable development/green growth strategies are to become an integral part of our life, the efforts and passion of experts in each sector including scientists, businesses and environmental activists are necessary. Among them, creative capacity building of policy makers is most important.

The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea has made utmost efforts to develop capacity building of environmental government officials in Korea and conducted various international cooperation and education programs for government officials in Asia and the Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

As part of such an effort, the National Institute of Environmental Human Resources Development (NIEHRD), Ministry of Environment, Republic of Korea has carried out the International Training Course on Environmental Policy (ITCEP) since June 2005, with a view to sharing and exchanging environmental knowledge and experiences to achieve sustainable development/green growth in Asia and other regions.
In particular, the ITCEP seeks to:

Share environmental knowledge and experiences to better formulate environmental poliy

Facilitate environmental capacity building and help formulate sustainable development/green growth strategies

Share advanced environmental technologies

Strengthen international environmental cooperation

General Information
International Training Course on Environmental Policy (ITCEP)
Hosted & Organized by
About 30 environmental government officials from Asia, Africa, East Europe and Latin America
2 weeks annually in May, started from 2005


Field Trip

Country Report Presentation & Group Discussion

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