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Background & Objective
As human beings are experiencing significant levels of climate disasters, resource depletion and environmental degradation, it is common views that environmental issues are not the problem of an individual or a nation but global challenges to be addressed through international cooperation.

If we are to address our current environmental challenges effectively, we share the views that we need to overhaul the current social and economic systems. However, the development of environmental technology is also very important to support such efforts and better solve environmental problems.

Recognizing the importance of environmental technology to tackle environmental issues, the Ministry of Environment (MOE) and National Institute of Environmental Human Resources Development (NIEHRD), Republic of Korea have conducted the International Specialized Course on Environmental Technologies (ISCET) since 2008 with a view to:

Sharing environmental technologies, policies and good practices

Contributing to capacity building of environmental officials to help them cope with environmental problems and formulate green growth/SD strategies

Reinforcing environmental cooperation between Korea and participating countries

General Information
International Specialized Course on Environmental Technologies (ISCET)
Hosted by
Ministry of Environment, Managed by : NIEHRD
About 25 public and private officials from Asia, Africa and the Middle East
10 days twice a year, started from 2008
Keynote Lecture, Field Trip and Korean Culture Experience, etc

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