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  • About the Korea/China/Japan Tripartite Joint Environmental Training
Background & Objective
The Korea/China/Japan Tripartite Joint Environmental Training was proposed at the 2nd Korea/China/Japan Tripartite Environmental Ministerial Meeting in 2000 and has been hosted in rotation by the three countries. The training program aims at:

Sharing views as an environmental community and create an Information Sharing Network on environmental issues and policies among China, Japan and Korea

Identifying common environmental problems in Northeast Asia and explore ways to strengthen international cooperation

General Information
Target Group
Environmental government officials
5 days annually in November, starting from 2001
Number of Participants
About 20 persons

Lectures on environmental situations of the three countries

Field Trips

Country Report Presentation & Group Discussion

Training History
Period, Hosted by, Subject
  Date Hosted by Theme
1st Nov. 27 ~ Dec. 4, 2001 Japan - Overviews of environmental administration and activities
- Current situation and challenges of fresh water pollution
2nd Dec. 2 ~ 11, 2002 Korea - Air quality management
- Water resource management
- Waste management
3rd Dec. 1 ~ 10, 2003 China - Water resource management
- Waste management
- International environmental cooperation in Northeast Asia
4th Nov. 22 ~ 26, 2004 Japan - Global warming prevention measurement
- The recycling-based society
5th Nov. 21 ~ 25, 2005 Korea - The urban air pollution control
- The sound material-cycle society
6th Nov. 6 ~ 10, 2006 China - Policy and regulation on recyclable economy (3R)
- Measurement of nature conservation and ecosystem rehabilitation
7th Nov. 25 ~ Dec. 1, 2007 Japan - Chemical substance management
- Raising public awareness on environmental protection
8th Nov 24-29, 2008 Korea Policy on waste-to-energy and waste recycling
- Policy on waste-to-energy
- Environmentally-friendly waste management, including 3R
9th Nov 23-27, 2009 China Conservation and Promotion of sustainable use of biodiversity
- The Policy, laws and regulations on Conservation and Promotion of   Sustainable Use of Biodiversity
- Public Aware and Education on Conservation and Promotion of   Sustainable Use of Biodiversity
10th Nov 22-27, 2010 Japan Water environmental conservation
- Current state and issues on the freshwater pollution
- Groundwater pollution control
11th Nov 21-25, 2011 Korea Low carbon green growth
- Green growth education and green life practice strategies
- Green technology development and green industry promotion   policies
12th Nov 26-30, 2012 China Protection of lake
- Policy on lake protection
- Education and communication on lake protection
13th Nov 18-22, 2013 Japan Urban clean air for sustainable city
- Technologies for monitoring, prevention and control of air   pollution
- Policies on air pollution prevention
14th Nov 3-7, 2014 Korea Biodiversity Conservation

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